Why Us !

We Are The Trusted Advisors to Service Providers

We come with strong existing relationships with Google as well as a strong partnership network.


The strategies and playbooks we offer are based on experience rather than being theoretical. 

Cost Effective

We are cost effective in that we do not require an entire team to work with our clients to push their initiatives forward. 


We work with a handful of clients at a time, allowing us to be dedicated to our client vs juggling multiple customers. 

Meet our Founder

Cloud Revenue Growth Strategist

Led the ProServ team at CloudHealth Technologies, a startup acquired by VMWare for $500 million.

Served as Partnership Strategist for Google's Cloud Professional Services Organization

Developed and executed the strategy to scale Google Cloud ProServ in New York through 30 services partners

Co-developed Google Cloud’s Global Managed Service Provider (MSP) Partnership Program to scale Google’s Support and Resell operations

Became a Google Cloud North American Lead, focused on partner success for 120+ premier cloud services providers

Worked with all of the top Global System Integrators. Enabled several mid-market cloud regional integrators.

Continued support from Google’s Partnerships and ProServ organization.

Left Google in order to enable businesses and help expand cloud adoption all over the world.

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